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In this digital age, it’s too easy to dismiss Print advertising as an outdated media. We disagree whole heartedly and will use tracking and response analysis software to demonstrate that print still has a key role to play in your advertising campaigns. Especially when we can buy it for you at the best possible prices.

Your offline press campaigns work best when they are integrated with your digital activity. At Conrad, our press teams sit next to our Digital teams making cross-platform integration and communication a reality.

As an advertiser, your choices can be confusing. Press or Magazines? National or Regional? Display or Classified? Color or Mono? Weekday or Weekend? Using TGI, Nielsen, Mintel and the wealth of experience at their disposal, our Media Team and Account Handlers will guide you through the options and steer you towards the route that best meets your objectives.


Digital display Ads, Networks, Newsletters, CPM, CPC, CPA – we’re here to help you cut through the jargon and focus on targeting the right people at the right time for the right price.
Right now, our range of digital media options includes targeted display advertising, specialist and social networks, price comparison sites, email marketing, newsletters, affiliates and lead generation.
Focused solely on your objectives, our digital experts will construct the campaign that works best for you with solutions that are fully tracked, managed, reported and optimized to ensure you get the results you need.

Our focus on digital marketing to the Travel community gives us a unique insight into what makes your business tick, but we never forget that digital advertising is only one part of your marketing mix. Our Account Handlers understand the relationship between Online and Offline advertising and will never lose sight of your overall business objectives.


Keep in touch with your customers and promote your services. “Lemon Plus” offers email marketing services complete with campaign design and performance evaluation tools. We can help you build long term relationships through better, targeted communication with your customers. Just imagine if you could ensure that every communication with your customer was relevant, timely, legally compliant and brand appropriate.